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Terms and limitations

These terms shall apply to supplies from the following USA and EUROPE:

Supplies from other companies on the terms expressed below are UNACCEPTABLE.
Altway Electronics Inc. shall supply only goods EXPORTABLE from the USA.
Altway Electronics Inc. shall NOT supply DEVELOPMENT KITS.
Supplies of goods on these terms shall only be possible for Customers on NET terms or Customers ready to make depositary prepayment in the amount of the intended month order.

The Customer shall choose goods on the websites of the above-mentioned companies all by themselves.

The Customer shall send their order in any form or complete an order form provided by Altway Electronics Inc., in which it is necessary to state the following:
- Item name
- Quantity
- Catalogue price
- Manufacturer
- Catalogue Company
- Catalogue Number

There shall be no limitations in terms of cost and quantity unless a supplier imposes such limitations.
Altway Electronics Inc. may at its own discretion and without advising the Customer purchase ordered goods from any of the abovementioned suppliers.
Altway Electronics Inc. shall issue to the Customer an Invoice including commission. Commission rate may be changed upon mutual agreement of both parties.

Ordered goods shall be delivered to the warehouse of Altway Electronics Inc. on standard terms and conditions within 3-7 business days at the expense of Altway Electronics Inc. In case of express delivery within 1-2 days cost of the service shall be agreed upon separately and paid by the Customer.
The goods shall be stored in the warehouse of Altway Electronics Inc. free of charge.
On receipt of goods in the warehouse, visual inspection of the following aspects shall be performed:
- Package integrity.
If package is damaged, components shall be counted and repacked;
- Compliance of item names and quantity in the order with the data on the supplier’s label.
Altway Electronics Inc. shall not check actual quantity and content if the package is not damaged. Altway Electronics Inc shall bear no responsibility for shortage or other non-compliance (including “old” year of manufacture) caused by the supplier but shall encourage settlement of the problem.
Additional inspection of goods at the Customer’s request shall be agreed upon and paid separately.

Ex-stock shipment of the goods shall be performed by the Customer’s command or in accordance with the agreed schedule.
Delivery may be performed at the expense of Altway Electronics Inc. with the use of its account (advisable). Actual delivery expenses shall be stated in the invoice in a separate line (freight charge) and paid by the Customer.


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